Horizontal and Directional Drilling

Horizontal and Directional drilling has become a specialty for Circle B Underground. Based in central Oklahoma, Circle B Underground, LLC is no stranger to “hard” rock. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to bore through the toughest earth including limestone, granite, and sand stone. We are equipped to handle large, or small diameter rock bores.

When performed by experts, directional drilling offers the most timesaving, cost-effective means of solving problems. Especially where site disruptions would impact traffic, business access, waterways or a sensitive environmental location. Detailed infield evaluations as well as wire line technology, bore logs and graphs are used to make sure the project is monitored for safety, effect on the environment, and to follow customer requirements to the letter. Circle B Inc. has all the equipment to do a turn key directional bore, supplying pipe rollers, mud reclaimers, pot hole rigs, excavators and tank trucks.